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Young Adult 2017


Unfortunately, we are exposed to a variety of situations where teenagers have made poor decisions. Often the consequences are minimal, and they have the opportunity to learn and grow into adulthood. However, drugs and alcohol can change that. The consequences can be extreme, and there is not always a second chance.    The Milton and Alpharetta, Georgia communities boast "the best quality of life in Georgia," yet the communities are also bound by a culture of drug and alcohol addiction that results in the periodic unescaped teen tragedy.  After losing two classmates in three years to the consequences of partying and drug use, three high school filmmakers set out to start a conversation that goes beyond awareness.  The result was the documentary  "420." 

Director: Colleen McCreanor

Rahul - The Hidden Truth

An honest look at poverty in India. We gave a young boy, who doesn't have a education, resources to achieve his dreams.

Director: Zefaan Kanwar

Halfway to the Suburbs

In an attempt to prove his responsibility to his long-time crush, an egotistical, soon to be college student brings his eccentric younger cousin to a party.

Director: Avery Cohen


She’s young. She’s in trouble. She’s staring at the mirror looking for answers.  But what she's about to find can change her life.

Director: Sara Eustáquio
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