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About OFF

The Ocktober Film Festival (OFF) is a New York based film festival launched in 2012. OFF was founded by Emelyn Stuart who has been funding and executive producing projects since 2008. The festival has served as a launching pad for many filmmakers. In addition to being a great place to learn, network and find resources, the festival is held at Stuart Cinema & Cafe, a beautiful movie theater located in Brooklyn, New York. OFF is unique in many ways but one notable observation is that no one pays to attend the festival. All screenings and events are open and free of charge to everyone. This improves the festival's ability to attract moviegoers and allows filmmakers to invite all cast and crew members without any added expenses. 


10 stars for everything! I love you Ocktober Film Festival. I learned so much and met great people. I did not want to leave. The award help me make my new film! Everyone is awesome! Everything is awesome! - Anthony Hobbs

Really good festival. The films were shown at a small venue, but it was really nice and I liked that everyone got interviewed as long as they had a movie being played. I didn't feel any favoritism. I was only able to go for one day, but it was good. - Melissa De Leon

Great experience, family atmosphere, great venue in NYC. I would recommend. Lots of learning opportunities and networking. - Satie Gossett

Amazing Festival, very professional and great selections of indie films. - Martine Emile

This is the best film festival I've been a part of. I've never seen this level of support for independent filmmakers and interest in helping them get the tools and knowledge they need to better their craft and succeed in this business. So many great resources and workshops. I can't wait to see what they have planned for next year! - Lamont Fountain

I honestly can’t say enough about the Ocktober Film Festival. I entered this festival in the year of a unpredictable worldwide pandemic. Emelyn Stuart the owner of Stuart Café and creator of the Ocktober Film Festival could have probably produced this festival online with far less red tape and restrictions. Instead she rolled up her sleeves and followed every guideline and precaution necessary to have a physical LIVE functioning festival. The panel discussion was open and gave informative insight as to the industry expectations. This festival was so well run it didn’t feel like we were in the middle of a pandemic. Each day you were met with Dre who helped keep the ship afloat with his upbeat sense of humor, as well as the entire team. This FREE festival just kept on giving. The films were so incredibly good and unique you didn’t want to miss a day. It was an honor to be surrounded by so many talented artists and then to win Best Short Film, it was truly humbling. Emelyn and her team genuinely want you to succeed. It's eminent in how this festival was run, what she offers the independent filmmaker and the community. If you ever have the opportunity to attend this festival get in it. Greenpoint Brooklyn is so lucky to the have this quaint theatre, unique festival and an owner with a lot of heart. - Mitch Robinson

I love how Ocktober Fest rose to the occasion of COVID-19. I am honored to have been a part of the festival and look forward to submitting in 2021. Congrats on another good year, despite COVID. - Andrea Clinton


Fantastic intimate festival focused on cultivating indie filmmakers. Founder, Emelyn hits the nail on the head with this fest: Free admission so film screenings are as accessible as possible, location at Emelyn's Stuart Cafe and Cinema, networking and programmatic opportunities to learn/ grow as a filmmaker. Bonus: literally everyone working the fest is really nice and they made me feel very supported both at the fest and beyond! - Nicole Tay


Emelyn Stuart, Founder

After executive producing several film and tv projects Emelyn Stuart decided to launch the Ocktober Film Festival (OFF) in 2012. OFF was created to educate, empower and inspire filmmakers. After several years of hosting the festival in rented venues, Emelyn opened Stuart Cinema and Cafe an independent movie theater located in NY. This popular movie theater is now the home for the Ocktober Film Festival. In addition, Emelyn recently launched Stuart Cinema On Demand her own video on demand platform that will eventually be part of a distribution package she is creating for independent filmmakers.

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