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Web Series 2017


Keloid is a supernatural drama about the evolving relationship between a mother and her teenage son. The story revolves around know-it all teenager ‘Keloid’, born with super abilities he neither wants nor is able to control. Season one focuses on Keloid desperately attempting to break free from his mother Marielle’s strong-willed,overprotective nature. Together they must find a way to survive Keloid's puberty, while maintaining secrets that keep them safe, and hiding from mistakes in their past that haunt them.

Director: Huriyyah Muhammad

Looking Through The Windows - Season 2

Sam and Denise recently tied the knot and have purchased their first house. With their crazy circle of family and friends now just around the corner, perhaps they moved a little too close to home.... This is still a series about "adulting", just with more experience and trauma.

Director: Cris Thorne

Black & White

A supernatural Web series that follows a grim reaper and guardian angel on their misadventures around New York City as they share an apartment in Brooklyn.

Director: Darian Jobity

Working On It

"Working on It", follows four couples as they wait in the therapist's office to begin their session. The couples rotate in and out similarly to the way patients on the TV series "In Treatment" do with a splash of the web series "Kissing In The Rain" and "Friends in Therapy". Through these small glimpses of their interactions we get to learn about the characters and their relationship.

Directors: Stacey Maltin, Chelsy Mitchell, Daniel Ferry, Tim Knight


High esteemed marriage counselor Dr. Grayson Shaw, in the midst of reconciling with his wife, flirts with disaster in both his professional career and marriage as his practice of igniting fires outside his marriage conflicts with his oath, vows, and the good practices of honest communication he advises.

Director:Tony Clomax

Money Trees

Javon, a young man raised in the streets of New York, along with his older brother Malik. Malik shows Javon after the death of their parents that stealing from others is the only way survival is possible. They break and enter into a house looking for money, Malik asks Javon if he found anything, Javon frustrated says no and begins to feel like this was a waste of time. Javon
searches into a bin and finds a tiny camera, which he begins to get intrigued, seconds later they hear a sound in the house. Malik tells Javon to get out quietly, Javon begins to leave cautiously and right when he thinks he’s made it the owner grabs him pushing him into the wall, overpowering him.

Director: Justin Rambert, Michael Alexandre
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