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Shorts 2017

Like Father

The film “Like Father” revolves around a Jewish New Yorker, who is a bedridden patriarch dying of lung cancer (Lenny). His gay African American son (Jake) wants him to admit he was a bad father. Instead, Lenny confesses (for the very first time to another human being), that despite his long-lasting marriage and faithfulness to Jake’s mother (Also African American wife, Olivia), he’s always been attracted to men but never acted on it.

Director: Jason Stuart


David is an All-American teenage boy living in Sonoma California. After He is forced to go to prom alone by his controlling father because his date Tamika wasn’t acceptable. David’s father convinces him to go to the local whore house so he can lose his virginity. David is thrown into a world he knows nothing about and is forced to interact with people he normal wouldn’t talk to.  David meets Miss Gammy, a dirty old receptionist at the whore house who antagonizes him from the very beginning. David is then forced to mingle with Kabal, an abrasive man who is also waiting for a hooker. David is finally introduced to Candy; the old experienced call girl he has come to see.

Director: Desmond Goldson


A group of parents are challenged with the question,  What would you do... when they learn of the inappropriate behavior of their boys.  With tempers and accusations flaring many are stepping into the role of Judge and jury, but when the gavel comes down will justice be served, or will their secrets go to the grave.

Director: Lynette J. Blackwell


Imagine meeting Jesus. What would you say to him? Would you recognize him? That’s the conundrum facing a man like Henry Mickels. On a road trip towards upstate New York Henry comes to meet a stranger claiming to be Jesus Christ. What began as a lonely trip has now become a quest that will test Henry’s faith. In this humorous short film we find out just what it takes to turn a skeptic into a believer.

Director: Taishon S. Black


Sean Ryan an Irish paramedic working in New York, He struggles every day to manage a fractured home life as well as death and depravity of the New York City streets.

Director: Peter McNamara

Bless Her Heart

Small town southern-belle, Bonnie Belle Buchanan, moves to the “Big City” from Georgia with a “the world is my oyster” attitude and a sunny, chipper disposition to match. When she gets a job as a receptionist, she is quickly immersed in the world of New York minded cynics who think she’s far too nice and bubbly to ever make it in the Concrete Jungle, and predict she’ll be back on a midnight train to Georgia in no time. Over the course of six months Bonnie’s optimism, southern charm and enthusiasm are tested time and time again throughout a series of hilarious, classic New York City mishaps.

Director: Michael Simsek


A preppy college graduate gets more than she bargained for when she takes a risky second job to offset her student loan debt.

Director: Geoffrey Guerrero

I Get It

Bringing a child into the world is one the most precious acts allowed by a higher power. It's often said on be the ultimate gift of life. However, that which is most precious is also most expensive and causes countless parental battles. And the legal system that's been instituted to enforce very costly child support orders further infuriates all parties involved!

Director: Ernest Robinson & Barry Tonge

Rolling In The Deep

A Young African American Male travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner.

Director: Marcellus Cox

Standing Eight

A professional boxer is forced to contend with life outside of the ring after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.

Director: Brian Kazmarck


A young rapper at the brink of success must come to terms with himself after a one night encounter with his best friend, stirring up emotions and feelings he never knew he had. Childhood memories collide with the present as he is now faced with the difficult position of following his heart or running away from it instead.

Director: Bobby Yan

Silent Cries: The Prelude

An underemployed construction worker begins to buckle under the pressures of fatherhood as his son's 7th birthday approaches.

Director: Shauntay Cherry

For Sale

During the sale of a car things are not what they seem.

Director: Phil Bernardin, Soraya Soi Free

The Love Bathroom

When Alex takes Emma out to a romantic dinner, he surprises her, she surprises herself and the sommelier keeps spouting poetry about hard liquor. Take a hilarious journey into the intertwining web of love, marriage, and the mysterious pangs of desire.

Director: Anna Fishbeyn

Thurman Comes Home

A homeless man reflects upon his life when he is visited by an old mentor.

Director: Bruce Gorman, Jr.

Saving Father

Widower Henry believes he has a new lease on life. Daughter Fran knows that HIV does not discriminate. How do they bridge the generation gap with love, understanding, growth and awareness?

Director: Rosalyn Coleman Williams

Misora, Misery

Tony is a struggling photographer dependent on the next big job to keep his business alive.  Focused on the medium of film, and fixated on the vintage Japanese instruments that are his tools, Tony finds himself becoming a relic of the past.  Pressured by his wife, Stacy, to pursue a more lucrative line of work, Tony becomes distracted by a vintage Japanese Enka singer, Misora, who appears to him on a bar’s television screen as if out of a dream.  Distraction turns to obsession for Misora, and for the cameras that he must hold on to at a very dear cost.

Director: David Doko

The Knockout Game

The Knockout Game: A disturbing and Brutal game amongst teens, targeting whites and immigrants in Inner city communities. Gregory wants to play. He wants to get in good with G-Life’s gang. He wants to be accepted and prove that he has heart. But G-Life demands he take the game to its sickest levels, attacking the elderly.  His actions opens up a Pandora’s box of violence that will touch every innocent in his life.  Knockout Game is a cautionary tale that explores the price of violence with an unflinching eye.

Director: Jamal Hodge


Kayla Richards struggles to get through her depressed episode in order to help someone else in need.

Director: Shirley Uyi

Dad's Calling

A young girl slowly goes through a hallucination after a devastating loss in her life.

Director: Emeka Mbadiwe

White Picket Fence

Miriam Pickett is the epitome of perfection. Perfect house, children, in everyway. When tragedy strikes and Miriam loses her beloved Teddy, we realize that not only is perfection never perfect, it can be a downright killer.

Director: Jacqueline King-Howell
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