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Documentaries 2017

STEM the Movement

(Saved Tested Edified Manifested)

STEM tells the story of three women's courageous journey from tragedy to triumph. It blends the past with the present featuring true-life stories of faith, deliverance and victory designed to empower and uplift the masses.

Director: Sterling Macer

Sistas Conversation

Sistas Conversation is a documentary about a group of diverse women that discuss political, economical and societal issues from a woman's perspective. Topics include the Black Lives Matter movement, pre-election views on Hillary Clinton running for President, and the ISIS crisis. The documentary serves as a conversational time capsule during the midyear period of 2016.

Director: Shelly Titus

The Louisiana Project

The Louisiana Project delves into the lives of these survivors as they share their experiences in being uprooted from their homes, communities, loved ones and their culture. Some also reveal why they decided to rebuild while others swore never to return for more than a visit, afraid of the possibility of again going through something as devastating as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Director: Levilyn Chriss
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