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Web Series 2018
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Rhonda Mitchell M.D.

Rhonda Mitchell is a straight-up Harlem girl—born and raised in the same neighborhood in which her grandfather opened Mitchell Medical Center—which is now run by her father. She wants nothing more than to work for a prestigious East-side practice, but her unconventional practice style ends up getting her fired. Reluctantly, she returns home to work with her dad and his irreverent group of patients. She ends up being blindsided by his announcement that he's retiring and leaving her the practice.

Director: Roderick Giles
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GOOD 'n Screwed

The coming of (Middle) Age journey of Nina, a naive, neurotic Italian-American Good Girl trying to be Bad, as she embarks on the rocky path to rediscover love and life again in the fast lanes of New York City.   Her husband took away her virginity at 16 and 20 years later left her feeling like one. She's from a blue collar Italian religious family where dating and sex after marriage wasn't in the plan.  What does a naïve, about to be divorced woman who hasn’t had the Big “O” in 10 years do? With the help of her savvy fraternal twin, and not so naïve daughter, she starts dipping her toe into the NYC dating world to solve her dilemma. The only problem is, she’s petrified. And her tough Italian husband wants her back.  Nina married young. Coming from an old world value family, she started dating her husband in high school, and off and on through college. They married shortly after graduation. Although she grew up during the wild 80’s, she was the “A” student and good girl.   Fast forward 20 years later when she finds herself in a world vastly different from when she grew up: Uber fit women, Size 0’s, Sexting, You tube stripping, twerks, swipes and 60 second “getting to know you’s” – What is a Good Girl to do? How does she find her inner tramp when it’s been trampled upon. And does she really want to?   A comedy that addresses dating after 45 when you feel like your 16 all over again and The Rules of Yore have been thrown out the window. And how to react when 75 year old men find you alluring while men your own age are just – crazy. Oh and did we mention a Priest?

Director: Kelli K. Barnett
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What happens when a man gets universal health care coverage and decides to visit a psychologists who only does sessions via skype.  You get 30 Seconds worth of insurance session coverage, in this hysterical web series that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a New York City Theatre Producer.

Director: Philip Saul Galinsky

Frank and Lamar

Frank  &  Lamar are  longtime  best  friends  and  black  men  who  rely  on  each  other  to  navigate  the  overwhelmingly  white  work space  of  prestigious,  progressive  education.  They  struggle  to explore  their  own  personal  growth  while  trying  to  help  grow the  minds  of  the  youth  they  teach.  From  work  obstacles  to the pressures  of  maintaining  relationships  with  the  women  they love,  a  time-honored  friendship  is  put  to  the  ultimate  test: adulthood. 

Director: Fred Soligan
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Alternate Side

A NY therapist is kicked out of his home/home office in Manhattan by his wife and now lives in New Jersey where none of his clients will go.  So he decides to hold therapy sessions in his car on the streets of New York.

Director: Ralph Toporoff
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The Queens Project

THE QUEENS PROJECT follows a group of nerdy gay friends living in Astoria, NY, on a journey to discover whether the pursuit of one’s hopes and dreams will lead to failure or fulfillment.  


The series centers on the lives of best friends and roommates Ash (Ken Arpino) and Gabe (BJ Gruber). Ash is an aspiring Broadway star, intelligent and well-intentioned, but lacks self- confidence. Ash is accustomed to being the “sidekick,” so he struggles when he becomes the center of attention. Unlucky in love and unfocused on his career, Ash escapes reality through gay-ming, the stage and screen, and of course, food. Gabe has always been told he is beautiful his whole life, so moving to NYC to pursue a career in the entertainment industry just seemed like the natural thing to do. He is deeply caring and loyal to those he cares about, but his hidden sensitive side has pushed him into a whole new type of closet, the fear of being nerd shamed.  

Director: Dustin Williams
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Dependence (Web Series)

Despite peer pressure, Zeke has managed to live drug

free, but he now finds himself immersed in his girlfriend's

family that favors “self-medication” over therapy.

Directors: Cris Thorne, Desmond Thorne
Stalk His Ass Poster.jpg

Stalk His Ass

Javon, a young man raised in the streets of New York, along with his older brother Malik. Malik shows Javon after the death of their parents that stealing from others is the only way survival is possible. They break and enter into a house looking for money, Malik asks Javon if he found anything, Javon frustrated says no and begins to feel like this was a waste of time. Javon searches into a bin and finds a tiny camera, which he begins to get intrigued, seconds later they hear a sound in the house. Malik tells Javon to get out quietly, Javon begins to leave cautiously and right when he thinks he’s made it the owner grabs him pushing him into the wall, overpowering him.

Director: Shauntay Cherry
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