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Shorts 2018
Pilot Scripts - Intercept-Poster-Final.j


After spiraling into a deep depression, a young woman's desperate plans are intercepted.

Director: Jackie J. Stone
Marcellus Cox - Living 2018 Poster .jpg


A  Award Winning Drama about an Angel's descent from Heaven to Brooklyn looking too clear the air, bridging a Gap fining common ground addressing an important key of life between Law Enforcement and Minorities...

Director: Marcellus Cox
Marishka Phillips - MELINDA POSTER0120_F


When the wife of the affulent D.A. in New Orleans suspects her husband of infidelity, she tries everything to lean the truth.  When that doesn't work, things turn tragic. 

Director: Marishka Phillips
Mario Corry - Poster final The Parking S

The Parking Spot

What happens when two worlds clash over the hard to find Parking Spot. The Invader Yuppie, can he change the ways of the established Neighborhood. Parking anywhere because “this is a public street”. The Old established Neighborhood knows that a special Parking Spot is a place of stature and that some things just don’t change. Can the two exist together? Can a Parking Spot be the connection between the two? 

Director: Mario Corry
Lester  Greene - I Got a Callback Poster

I Got A Call Back

An actor is put to the test in an audition that goes left.

Director: Christopher Fox
Taina Hernandez - RevOffPoster.jpg


"Revelations" explores an escalating conversation between Pastor White and a young girl. Their conversation turns into an impromptu confession, which leads to 3 revelations.

Director: Taina Elena Hernandez
thegoodboy-poster-072414 copy.jpg

The Good Boy

A morality tale, "the good boy" is a film about a young boxer who accepts a challenge to fight a brute of a man only to discover his opponent has the mental capacity of a five year old.  This is an unflinching look at what happens when you feel honor bound to doing something you know is morally wrong. "the good boy" is about the decisions we make and living with their consequences.

Director: A. L. Lee
Power of Prayer Poster .jpg

The Power of Prayer

A lone cowboy comes across an innocent girl as two men try to rape her.  After he saves her, they swear they'll be back with more men and guns.  When he brings her back to her kin, he learns that they a pacifists.   They claim they "don’t not need guns; they have the power of prayer.” When the gunmen return, the cowboy tries to fight them.  The kin try to stop him and use the power of prayer in a way he never expected.

Director: Andrew Damon Henriques
Tiffany Webb - WhatHappenedToGirlsNightM

"What Happened To Girl's Night? "

When four friends get together for their monthly girls night, dreams are shared, secrets are told, and boundaries are crossed. Will their friendship stand the test of time

Director: Marishka Phillips
rh bless - hope well poster-2.jpg

Hope Well

HOPE WELL is a short film about Chastity Hopewell,(Danielle Baskerville) a 25 year old aspiring actress from Brooklyn, New York. On this day, Chastity has an audition that she hopes can be the one that goes very well and creates an opportunity for her. She struggles in finding comfort in her own skin and in unmasking her true identity and self, which is where her greatest strengths and talents are found. Success and the feeling of accomplishment continues to elude her and she yearns for the support of her mother, Salome' Hopewell,(Natalie Graves Tucker) a 50 year old woman who never saw her dream of becoming a famous actress come into fruition due to the life choices she made, accompanied by her entrusting her career in the hands of people who did not mean her any well. As a result, Salome' carries bitterness and resentment for anything having to do with the entertainment industry. So it seems, she cannot see past the dark and incomplete portrait of her life enough to be able to view the beauty of the bright talent that her daughter, Chastity, carries. It's incumbent for Chastity to be able to move beyond the restraints of her own mother in order to flourish in her full potential. Chastity’s boyfriend, Joshua, (Julito Mccullum) tries to be a beacon of light and support to both Chastity and Salome’ in order to bring mother and daughter together and help restore what’s been lost.  

Director: R.H. Bless
August in the City Poster-2.jpg-1.jpg

August in The City

When her daughter returns home for the Thanksgiving holiday with her new girlfriend, August remembers the woman she once loved. Internally tormented with the fear of what society may think in 1978, August makes the ultimate decision that will change her life forever.

Director: Christie Conochalla
no image available.png

Two Places, One Time

College co-ed, believing she will have the house all to herself over the weekend, invites her boyfriend over. Unfortunately, the parents double back and an unspeakable tragedy occurs

Director: Teddy Wilson
Robert Haufrecht - ILIANA & PAUL POSTER.

Subterranean Love (Ileana & Paul)

This film is a follow-up to a previous short, Subterranean Love, which now focuses on two of the peripheral characters from the first film.  Two people, an older man and a somewhat (40s) younger woman, with conflicting needs and with emotional luggage at some point try to come together, but…. In between this, her Romanian/Greek ex-lover shows up…briefly.  This sends her running to her “ special friend.” 

Director: Robert Haufrecht
Jupiter Leo - homesick_movie_poster_fina


“A vivid look at modern life where the city,nature and obligations come to across roads."

Director: Jupiter Leo
Lamar Mackson - Heroin(e) Poster Final.j

Heroin(e): A Short Film

Silvia(Teniece Divya Johnson), a heroin addict is living fix to fix, and on the fringe of society. During her lowest point, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger(John O'Sullivan) allows her a chance at redemption.

Director: Patrick Coker, Isaiah Jimenez- Mackson
Okema Moore - SHHPoster.jpg


When  he  sees  things  in  black  and  white,  and  she  sees  through  rose-colored  lenses,  what  is  the  true  color  of  love...and  is it enough? 

Director: Patrick Coker
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