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Music Videos 2018

"Together" music video

Official music video for "Together" by Sha Stimuli. Directed, produced, DPed, and edited by Alexxiss S. Jackson.

Director: Alexxiss S. Jackson

Can You Love Me

English Translation

"Can you love me" is a prayer, an awareness, a desperate cry, a dialogue with oneself. A song born on an August night to constructively vent the negative consequences of unrequited love. The conviction of having finally found someone who will fill your emptiness that will soon turn into an illusion, in the bitter awareness that singing and asking once again "can you love me?" will not do any good.  
Italian Translation

“Can you love me” è una preghiera, una presa di coscienza, un grido disperato, un dialogo con sé stessi. Una canzone nata in una notte d’agosto per sfogare in maniera costruttiva le conseguenze negative di un amore non corrisposto. La convinzione di aver finalmente trovato chi riempirà i tuoi vuoti che si trasformerà presto in un’illusione, nell’amara consapevolezza che cantare e chiedere ancora una volta “can you love me?” non servirà a nulla. 

Director: Marco Rosson

The Letting Go - Music Video

Two high school students in different classrooms daydream about one another. When they greet each other in the hallway, they want to say something, but decide to smile instead. The teachers get them to move a long. It’s time for the high school dance and no one seems to want to dance with the high school girl. She sits alone, feeling sad. The high school boy sees her and takes her hand. Finally, letting her know how he feels. Deciding to let go and not care what anyone else. The singers represent the older version of those two high school students. 

Sometimes we need to let go of things, so that we can move forward towards our own happiness. 

Director: Tyler McElrath

Fight Of Your Life

The movie and the video examines the issue of the thousands of men and women who deal with sexual assault or

rape while they serve in the Armed Forces and how many of them develop PSTD as veterans due to the aftermath of being a survivor of such a horrific act.                         

Director: Lamont Fountain, Jillian Bullock
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