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Told from a mother’s perspective, Finding Elijah follows a young man’s journey from home; into mental illness, to homelessness, and ultimately to suicide. It explores how a search for answers leads a mother to action. 

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“I’m Jacinth-Love After” promises to help others overcome their pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, and insecurities. Jacinth’s open and honest account of everything she’s been through in her life will truly inspire and uplift you. There is Love After our addictions, shortcomings, emptiness, abuse, betrayals, abandonment, and brokenness.  

Please join Jacinth to take this powerful, healing journey to overcome your deaths and accept the rebirth of your purpose, love, vision, and identity. Despite the challenges you face every day, you’ll be convinced there is Love After. 


The Minor League MeccaAs the premier franchise in the Continental Basketball Association from 1982 to 1992, the Albany Patroons left an indelible mark on the city of Albany, the CBA and the NBA. From elite coaches like Phil Jackson, Bill Musselman and George Karl to standout players like Michael Ray Richardson, Mario Elie, Tony Campbell, Sidney Lowe, Rick Carlisle and Scott Brooks, the Patroons' legacy continues to shape the world of professional basketball.We are working to bring you theuntold story of the Patroons' quick rise, championship success and ultimate downfall. Beyond the franchise's ups and downs, the stories of the individuals involved, from fans, to executives to coaches and players are implausible, hilarious and inspiring

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