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Mommy Mafia is a dark comedy about a mischievous mommy support group which stumbles into a hilarious series of misadventures on the mean streets of yuppie Brooklyn, rubbing elbows with the actual mafia, and fighting a turf war with their nemesis Yoga Bitch.

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Nun Habits is an episodic series that follows Sister Cecilia, a bisexual nun, and April, a gay high school student. After skipping the school assembly, they split a joint and begin an unlikely friendship.  April struggles with her sexuality as she continues to develop a crush on her classmate, Megan.  Meanwhile Sister Cecilia, determined to help April at all costs, attempts to reconcile her personal beliefs with the Church’s strict teachings on homosexuality.

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After inheriting her father’s Harlem clinic, things start to unravel for Dr. Rhonda Mitchell when a video of her chasing a patient goes viral, she decides to dump her on-again, off-again boyfriend and the team suggests bringing in another doctor. 


A fascinating story that crosses borders, minds and cultures, to focus on the scope and challenges that new technologies can have and the dangers of their misuse. John and Boris, two computer scientists, confront after the discovery of a revolutionary application that allows them to transfer thought from one person to another. 

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Swipe Left is a comedic series that follows Ella, a recently single woman, and her wacky friends as they attempt to overcome self-made obstacles. Shot as a mockumentary, the show follows the characters, documenting their failures across various platforms, including Tinder, New York City, and Vegan Bake-offs.