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Documentaries 2018
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 Iran "The Blade" Barkley Story

Iran "The Blade" Barkley's documentary is a unique story. The backdrop takes place in the South Bronx in the late 70's and 80s. During this time South Bronx was an economic depressed area of New York City. Poverty, high-

unemployment, drugs, gangs and violence were a normal way of life for the people living in the South Bronx.

But a young and determined Iran had a dream...... To become the next boxing champ of the world. He didn't let the disheartening facts about his neighborhood to discourage him from his dream.


This compelling documentary details the life of Iran “The Blade”

Barkley who rose from poverty living in a 3 bedroom apartment in the projects with 4 sisters, 3 brothers and a single parent mother to earn millions of dollars and travel the world on his way to become the 3-time boxing champ of the world.


During this journey Iran experienced devastating tragedies and eventually fell from the grace of boxing and ended up homeless....But like a "True Champion" Iran Barkley rose to the challenges of life.

Director: Carl June and Luis Libran
Damian Kudelka - BAMN_Poster.jpg

By Any Means Necessary

A documentary exploring why the NYPD, and US police departments, routinely use deadly force against non-violent minor offenders without receiving any punishment beyond losing vacation days.


The film examines police practices through the lens of the NYPD Eric Garner incident.  The film discovers how the management of police departments create a climate where officers routinely use excessive force against minor offenses.


Additionally, we observe NYC government’s responses to prevent future officer chokeholds and present actionable solutions for reforming the NYPD and US police departments. 

Director: Damian Kudelka
Carla Adelmann - If You Believe In Me Po

"If You Believe In Me"

This is a dramatic story of one elder persons’ journey from being close to death, alone and depressed, to now having love and attention and happiness. This film follows Sara Kazarian, a 93 year-old woman (my mother) for three years. It shows clearly how spending time with her and “believing in her “ made all the difference in her well-being.  I believe this film will get that message across to those who have parents entering their 90’s. It is also an informative film, showing options of care for our aging parents. 


Sara’s life is followed briefly from 3 years old, through her 2 marriages, to living in Los Angeles, to moving to Las Vegas alone, where she had a seizure from neglecting her medications. She was then moved back to Los Angeles again near her family. Moving into an assisted living place, she had a heart attack, then needed to find a “board and care,” but then had to move to another one, 1 block from her daughter’s house.  Depressed and weak, it shows her family caring for her with frequent visits, and her daughter doing jigsaw puzzles with her. It shows her dramatic improvement, and a scene where the daughter wheels her into a room where all the jigsaw puzzles they have done over the last 2 years are on the wall, representing all the many hours of visiting times.

Director: Carla Adelman
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