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A Christian Pop song that talks a bout the life we live only being “a blink” in time before we are with God in eternity and how this life, and all things in it, are no where near the value of what we will be offered when we go to heaven.

faith in me poster.png

Faith In Me is a music video shot for Canadian artist M.O.Littles telling the real life story of his stepmother who passed away from liver cancer a few years back and the impact her passing had on him and his father (the drinking problems, depression) and how he and his father overcame those obstacles to strengthen their relationship better than ever. 

Peter James TALK TO ME.JPG

A man is approached by a unknown woman which leaves him in shock. The woman escapes his view by walking into a hallway which leads the man to follow her. She opens a door closing it behind her. The man walks down this hallway, but before he can open the door he’s very cautious. He opens it and the woman is on the bed with lingerie on as she stares at him in a seductive way. He walks up to her trying to touch her hand that his reached out to him, but for some reason he can not touch her and his body begins to go backwards. His movements lead him back into the hallway shutting the door in front of him as he begins to shake his head no. Not wanting this moment to end he closes his eyes then reopens them back up to only recognize he’s laying on the couch in the living room from where he was in the beginning with a card on his chest. He gets up and rushes back through the hallway then towards the room once more, but this time no one is there.. He places the card that was on his chest onto a dresser within the room in disappointment and walks away. The card reads in loving memory to a beloved wife, mother, and friend. 

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