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Short Film Calling Card Pitch Winner

Taishon Shelle' Black was born in Queens, New York to Beverly V. Washington and Mark S. Black.. When Taishon first saw the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park, he knew one day he wanted to work in film business. Diverting later in life from movies to television engineering, Taishon has worked on acclaimed shows such as Chopped, Hardcore Pawn, Blue Bloods, My Super Sweet Sixteen, WWE Raw, and National Hockey League broadcast games..

The first official short directed by Taishon, was "CONFUSION" based on the story of an un-arm black male being shot down, by cops. "BLIND FAITH" is the second short, which Taishon is very proud of. The short explores the "what if question" of, what if Jesus was right in front of you? Would you recognize him or believe him to be an insane man.

Meet.... Taishon S. Black

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