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ocktober Film Festival 2021 winners

Best Short Film 2021

I Am A Man.jpeg


Michael A. Pinckney


Four Black men from different worlds have a heartfelt conversation about manhood, creativity, sex and their place in the world. They discover the harsh reality that not much has changed but are nevertheless grateful for those that came before them.

Best Feature Film 2021



Benny Flames

A woman with a history of mental illness falls in love with a married man. For his love she will do anything to keep it, even if murder is the only option.

Audience Choice Award 2021

Defense Contract Poster - 042321.jpg


Doug LeBow

A US marine wounded in combat returns from Afghanistan to confront the defense contractor who manufactured the weapon that disfigured him.

Best Documentary 2021

Bartholew's Gold.jpg


Maurice Porcher


Host Moe the Mos navigates this in depth look into the nonstop life of up and coming "NYC architect of fashion" designer Winston B. Holder III. From growing up in Brooklyn, to growing the fashion House of Bartholomew, Moe the Mos is your guide on this creative journey.

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