ocktober Film Festival 2020 selections

Short films

An Interlopers Kiss.jpg

Directed by Grace Kim


A portrait of a woman's everyday life seen through the perspective of an unlikely voyeuristic love interest.

All For Honor.jpg

Directed by Brigid Turner


Charity and Honnor find themselves homeless and living in their car. Charity will do anything it takes to make sure Honnor is taken care of. Through their struggles, they find their peace knowing God will provide all their needs.

Mise en Scene.jpg

Directed by Eric Leja


Excited to be auditioning for a major role in a film, an actress soon realizes that the audition may be a life or death situation.

I'm Sorry.jpg

Directed by Marcellus Cox


Drama about a young African American man who spends his last free day before heading to prison apologizing to everyone near and dear to him for betraying their trust in him.

Round Table .jpg

Directed by Michael A Pinckney


A conversation from every black stereotype representative. Talking about the state and affair of the black community.

Nana's Room.jpg

Directed by Kaye Tuckerman

When Mia loses her Nana (grandmother) after a lengthy illness she realizes that her loss runs deep. Caring for her Nana had become Mia’s main priority in her life. In doing so Mia has lost her confidence and drive – she has let fear take over.

The Sleeping Life of Sofia.jpg

Directed by Marcelo Mayen


A painter sleeps to escape the loneliness and depression of everyday life, but her dreadful 30th birthday sparks a much needed reality check.

Voicemail .jpg

Directed by Nicholas Compall


A driving instructor in a small community, Cliff Slonimsky, becomes a source of community outrage overnight. Cliff discovers, after finding his car vandalized, that he’s being targeted by anonymous people around the community.

Directed by Dominique Nieves

A young woman attempts to outrun a call she never returned.

Directed by Nicole Tay & Keila J. Brown

Faced with the closure of her family’s Chinatown shop, a young college student will do anything to help her mom. When a distressed mother asks her to take the SATs in place of her daughter, the student must decide just how far she’s willing to go.

Feature film- Special presentation

Lone Wolves.jpg

Directed by Sergi Arnau

Lone Wolves is about corruption in high places, set in a prison drama and with a film noir aesthetic. Lone wolves has a similar structure to Reservoir dogs, where through several episodes we will discover why certain characters ended up in jail.


Post Election Works.jpg

Directed by Kate Haug

Combining a philosophical framework of Walter Benjamin with her present day production of political ephemera, the filmmaker/artist examines a circular nature of history and her identity as it evolves within the context of contemporary politics. 

Under A Pandemic Sky.jpg

Directed by Thomas Pickarski

A short video comprised of a personal essay narration paired with dissociated visuals. The essay is set in New York City and utilizes the solitude of the 2020 pandemic as the backdrop for the storyteller to contemplate a series of character studies.

Dear Black Son.jpg

Directed by Sunnyside Down Productions Media Group

"Dear Black Son" explores what it means to be a black son in America and also what it takes to raise a black son in the society we live in.

AKA Doctor.jpg

Directed by Julian Biba

A prominent doctor in the fight against cancer, gets diagnosed with prostate cancer and has to use his "gift" to help himself and others.

Web series

The Retreat Series Poster.jpg

Directed by Ashley Denise

During a vulnerable moment at an all black women’s artist retreat, celebrity guest speaker, Cynthia Chadwick, opens up to a small group about a dangerous secret.

Betas Poster 1.jpg

Directed by Keith Walker 

A dark comedy webseries, about siblings from two different racial backgrounds, dodging racism and trying to look good while doing it.

Cassidy Logo Art Work.jpg

Directed by Andrea Clinton  


Cassidy is going through the early stages of menopause, but rebukes the notion and refuses to believe it. But as menopause grabs Cassidy by the throat, pulling her through every emotion known
 to God, she drags her friends and family along for the ride.

LGBTQ Showcase


The Archivettes LGBTQ  copy.jpg

Directed by Megan Rossman 

Frustrated by misogyny and homophobia within academia, Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle co-founded the archives for those conducting research, both professional and personal. Over the years, the organization has witnessed many of the major milestones in LGBTQ+ history and has weathered several storms. Today, with its founders in their seventies, the archives are facing new challenges, including a change in leadership and the rise of digital technology

Short Film

What is Love.jpg

Directed by Tisa Key

A former playboy looking to settle down for the first time, only to come to the realization that his girlfriend has a questionable past.

Short Film

Silent Cries .jpg

Directed by Keesha Nieda

Misty is a guarded woman struggling with an internal battle of revealing secrets that she’s kept with her since childhood that have been haunting her for years. In a desperate attempt to heal and better herself and hopefully put an end to the bizarre dreams that she has been having at night, Misty seeks therapy however she is not ready to face the past head on. At a crossroads, Misty must make a decision that will ultimately change her life and help her to better her relationship with her significant other. But will she make the right decision, or fold under the pressure?


Magical Forest .jpg

Directed by Dave Russo

6 year old narrator teams up with illustrator during Covid19 to tell a hand drawn animated story about human consumption and the social reinforcements that effect it.

POSTER The Story About the Fading Moon,

Directed by Rochelle White

A raging Desert allows her frustration to grow to the point it almost consumes her! She is scared the moon may never return but as the cycle of nature unfolds, the Desert soon learns she has no other choice but to trust in its wisdom.

Music Videos

Crazy .jpg

Directed by Lee Milby

A young man wakes up in a mysterious warehouse with blood on his face and no memory of how he got there. Stalked by nefarious entities, he slowly remembers his fate and the nightmare begins again.

Reversal of Fortune

Reversal of Fortune.jpg

Directed by Foundation Digital

Music video discusses the death of Philando Castile and reverses the races of the police and the community. It uses the word POLICE as an acronym for Please Officer Listen I Can Explain.