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2016 Documentary Selections

Who Are You?

A Film By Kendal John

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Documentary)

Synopsis:  "Who Are You?" is an all encompassing heritage documentary detailing the many elements, both natural and man-made, that make the tiny island of Saint Lucia so unique, yet representative of many countries seeking identity in the post-colonial era.

Wave - Hip-Hop Documentary

Produced and Directed by Tony Wesley and Brian Bullock

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Documentary)

Synopsis: See how the legendary Tony "Mr. Wave" Wesley went from a kid in the Bronx to an international B-Boy superstar to entrepreneur and activist. This film includes never before seen archival pictures and interviews with not only Mr. Wave, but with legendary New York City Breakers such as Lil Lep, Powerful Pexter, as well as hip hop legends Special K, Melle Mel and a host of other hip hop icons. Mr. Wave will also discuss his views on grassroots leadership, the new hip hop and his struggles to become the man he is today. A Wave Entertainment and Bundy Films, LLC production. Produced and Directed by Tony Wesley and Brian Bullock. Edited by Mario Lobo.

Ujamaa Holiday Market

A Film By Davon E. Johnson

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Documentary)

Synopsis: The Struggle to keep the door open for a Black Business Is very challenging! Ordinary black people who are brave try to reach out to their community! That is the reason black business takes part in an Annual Holiday Market to advertise and to promote their business! But there is a very harsh reality that black business owners get from the support they should be getting! From their community,and their City.  Hopefully with time the 'Ujamaa Holiday Market' will change the ideal in people's head about blacks business!

Our Mother's Voices

A Film By Jeffrey Slice Morton

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Documentary)

Synopsis:  This Documentary boldly unmakes the dire circumstances that are found throughout urban  communities, it intimately captures the range of emotions exhibited by mothers who unfortunately lost their child do to street violence.

Celling Your Soul

A Documentary by Joni Siani

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Documentary)

Synopsis: In less than a decade, our technology has totally changed the way we interact with one another.  But, have we stopped to ask, "how are these changes, changing us?" Celling Your Soul tells the story of how one college professor changed the conversation, asking her students not "what do you think?" but "how do you feel?"  You might be shocked to learn the answer! Beyond awareness, Celling Your Soul offers a clear, compassionate understanding of digital dependency along with a sustainable solution to greater balance for living within the demands of a digital world.  Schools, colleges and businesses are using this film to create curriculum, school policy on cell phone use and to elevate the conversation to include the paradox of the positive and negative effects of our digital world.

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