Emelyn Stuart

Producing is the precise thing that Emelyn Stuart should be doing. Hard working, dedicated,
committed, and an inspiration to all of those around her, Emelyn has shown the independent
creative community that triumphs in the business CAN be accomplished!

Starting from a script and a dream from a friend, Emelyn found ways to transform this project
into an award-winning short film. “Wings and Beer” was just the beginning of more amazing
things to come.

Producing projects from unknown filmmakers, Emelyn not only motivates those around her, she
achieves great success!

Her short film “Heads or Tails” soared beyond the film festival circuit straight to network
television. It has been broadcast on major network channels, in cities throughout the South and
Midwest. Her wildly successful web series, “12 Steps to Recovery,” has also performed beyond
what anyone expected. It garnered Emelyn the Best Producer award at the 2011 LAWebfest.
Having featured almost 100 local New York City actors, “12 Steps to Recovery” not only went
viral throughout the world of New Media, this show can now be seen on the Punch TV cable
network in as many as 5 million homes! Most recently, Emelyn’s short film “A Geek’s Guide to
Love and Romance can be seen on Aspire Network. Her latest feature film “Life Is Too Short”
has screened at over 10 film festivals around the country.

While handling business logistics in the entertainment world is indeed Emelyn’s forte, she never
loses sight of her need to provide opportunities and show compassion. In fact, they are key
factors in her decision making.

There are some projects on which Emelyn has chosen to work which focus more on giving back
than they do on the financial bottom line. They specifically aim to show how life can be won
despite major obstacles and difficulty. “You Only Live Twice” is a gritty tale full of hardship
and pain. In spite of the turbulent journey its subject has taken, he still managed to come out on
top. Slated for production in 2016, this project will rouse strength and determination in everyone
who sees it. It features former boxing champion Meldrick “The Kid” Taylor, and boxer turned
actor, Gary Stretch. Another project, “Street Life” illustrates how one’s spiritual faith can enable
one to overcome tough times to finally see victorious results. Jason Hendrickson, a rising star in
the world of Gospel music, is the subject of the pilot episode.

Emelyn is frequently asked to participate in panel discussions in festivals throughout the US. In
2013 she decided to launch the Ocktober Film Festival in New York City. The festival was a
huge success with over 3000 people in attendance during its first year. The festival is dedicated
to educating, empowering and inspiring filmmakers.

Emelyn continues to sponsor many community initiatives and small businesses through Stuart


Most of all, Emelyn Stuart – in addition to being gifted in the world of business – strives to
shatter the entertainment glass ceiling.

Carl Gilbert Jr.

Carl Gilbert, Jr. is the Ocktober Film Festival Director. In addition, he is also
the Chief Operations Officer and Producer at Stuart Films. Mr. Gilbert spent
several years on Wall Street before discovering his affinity for the arts.

Combining his love for the arts with his business experience is what Carl
does best. Carl has diligently been planning, overseeing, programming and
managing all aspects of the Ocktober Film Festival since 2013. The
unveiling of the festival in 2013 included over 3000 attendees mostly due to
Carl’s ingenuity and strategic planning. The staff and volunteers were
grateful for Carl’s consistent leadership. One filmmaker was quoted as
saying, “The Ocktober Film Festival was organized and professional, mostly
due to Carl’s project management skills.”

Carl is also a sought after independent producer who is often called upon to
consult on film and new media projects. His latest feature film, “The
Turnaround” is scheduled to be release later this year. He is also working on
several short films that will be making their festival debut at the end of 2016.
Above all, Carl wants to continue to do work that empowers, educates and
inspires filmmakers.

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