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2016 Short Film Selections


Directed by Satie Gossett

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  The President of the United States apologizes for the country's role in the slave trade because of an essay written by an African American boy.

Moves We Make

Directed by Patrick Coker

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  CHRISTOPHER HILL (John Anthony Williams) known as REAL on the street is a guy known for making power moves, while really living in two worlds. Along with his manz and 'em (partners), TC (Bernel Harrison), Nitty ( Brett Puryear) and Hollywood (Christian Barber) - REAL has built a strong business and a reputation. Will the decisions he make in the streets jeopardize his relationship with his fiancee Rolonda( Dahiana Torres)? Will his choices cost him more than he thought?

5 Weeks

Directed by P. Bernardin

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  A man and woman must make a life altering decision in the name of love.


Directed by Nuria Dixon

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  Lobby Washington, a U.S. Army Veteran, returns home from serving in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. He struggles with the guilt of killing an Iraqi child. Back in Brooklyn, New York, everything and everyone is a constant reminder of his deployment in Iraq. With the help of a homeless veteran, a random civilian female and his younger brother, Lobby learns to accept what he cannot change.  

Me Too, You

Directed by Travis Williams

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  Malaya searches the city streets and parks where the homeless frequent. She is searching for her sister. One day she comes across Cheryl, a vagrant woman, on a bench who doesn’t seem to want company. Next to her a doll with bread pressed upon her lips. Malaya is able to soften Cheryl’s mood by asking questions about the doll.

What Goes Around

Directed By Dallas Alexis

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Winner (Short Film)

Synopsis:  Dallas Alexis paints a new twist on the everyday common theme of bullying. It's not often the tables get turned on the bully.  "What Goes Around" tells the story of the instant effects of bullying and the karma that comes along with it.

Domestically Cursed

Written and Directed by Noble Julz Anu

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis: Domestically Cursed (Movie) was written by and directed by Noble Julz Hamilton and stars Red Summer, Nico Hill and Brittani Colbert. Adapted from the book, Domestically Cursed: A Story on Partnership Violence written by Renair Amin, the film follows the abusive relationship of Renee and Chris which ultimately leaves Renee affected and infected psychologically. Renee finds herself trying not to lose her mind and herself as she navigates a lesbian relationship that is full of ups, downs, drugs and violence. Not only does she have to deal with a judgmental mother but the internal shame of finding herself under the control and abuse of her partner. Even after she is able to finally get free from one relationship, Renee quickly finds herself in engulfed in another with Tee but only this time, she is not the abusee. Eventually, Renee fails to realize that her experience has not only left her damaged but domestically cursed. This powerful short film not only hopes to inspire dialogue as it relates to domestic abuse in the LGBTQ community but also move the viewer to examine how relationships impact their present as well as future.


Directed by Rene Alberta

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  When a Caribbean nanny’s dedication to her cultural tradition of brewing bush tea conflicts with her American bosses’ lifestyle, she's not only forced to face her fears of isolation when asked to move into the guest house during a major storm, but finds her self competing with the family's dog for respect, ultimately becoming the very thing they value.

The Haggler

Directed by Shauntay Cherry

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  A young woman is forced to make a determination about her worth after a potential mate offers less than she deserves.

Wrath of Blood Angel

Directed By Justin Morales

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  When tragedy befalls his family, a traumatized war veteran and comic book writer seeks revenge, dressed as the superhero he is famous for creating.


Directed by Marcellus Cox

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  Based on A True Story About Raymond Porter from Van Nuys, California. A Young Man who captures and seeks his revenge on the murderer of his Mother.

Deeper Than a Crush

Directed by Pedro Escobar III

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  With the help of her best friend Tish (Amanda Higgins), Luri Stevens (Alexis Rajah) just moved into a new building. Once spotting her hot new neighbor Derrick (Christopher McCray) and his handsome son John (Tilden Travis), Luri is determined to make them her new family. Soon Derrick finds out Luri's move among other things may not have been by chance or accident.


Directed by Charles Jones

When law enforcement is perceived as an occupying force in the community, how will justice prevail?

Perceptions is a short film that takes a raw and honest look into the heartbeat of our society’s ongoing battle between law enforcement and in large part, black America. It’s no secret that tempers and the climate is extremely sensitive and hostile. The relationship between the two sides couldn’t be further apart, with many in the black community perceiving cops to be more loyal to their badge than to fighting for those in need. This film ask and theoretically answers a simple question, what would it take for an officer to cross that blue line of loyalty? Perceptions looks to be a weapon to incite a much needed discussion.

Simpler Times

Directed by Steve Monarque

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis: "Simpler Times" follows Harry (Jerry Stiller), a recently widowed man in his golden years, who has reluctantly moved in with his daughter and son-in-law. On his first morning in their home, all Harry wants is a cup of coffee and his daily newspaper. Instead, he finds himself on a bizarre search through town that leaves him newspaper-less and trapped in the world of modern technology. This family comedy features Stiller’s trademark style, as well as an unexpected dramatic performance, and a special guest appearance by the other half of legendary comedy duo Stiller & Meara, Anne Meara.

someTHING UNorthodox

Directed by R.H.BLESS

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis:  Unorthodox is a short film about Carol Rosen, a 35 year old Jewish wife and mother of three, who reaches a place in her life where she feels the need to rebel. Years of suppressed questions and doubt about her religion, marriage, and life are brought to the forefront after she learns of the adulterous behavior of her husband, Mark, a 39 year old notarized Brooklyn prosecutor. He gets caught in an internal office investigation that links him to prostitution solicitation. With her trust shattered and faith shook, Carol yearns to delve further into her hidden fantasies of an unorthodox life. She finds a comfortable pathway to this experience through a friend and coworker Travis Gill. An attractive and articulate 35 year old black man, Travis becomes Carol's escape from her reality, if even for a moment, until she is left to deal with her own morality. It's a story that challenges temptations, beliefs, and one's sense of existence.

The Treatment

Directed by Geoffrey Guerrero

2016 Ocktober Film Festival Selection (Short Film)

Synopsis: A livery cab driver wants to go home after working a double shift. Bob Collins has an important meeting he can’t miss and needs an urgent lift. Just as he’s about to call it a night, Julio gets one last call from the dispatcher. The pick up is Bob. The cab ride will change their lives forever.

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